Waiting on Wednesday: The Silver Mask

The Silver Mask is the fourth book in the Magisterium. With this series Holly Black and Cassandra Clare have taken both the hero origin story and the magical school narrative and turned it on it’s head. I’ve been waiting on this book for a while, so figured it deserved a #Wednesday post.

Title: The Silver Mask
Series: Magisterium
Author: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Genre: Fantasy
Released: August 29th 2017
Page Count: TC


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s just adding to the hype… and my blood pressure.


Even though it has only been a year, I feel like I’ve been waiting for The Silver Mask for forever. Not only did The Bronze Key leave us on such a cruel cliffhanger, it gave us absolutely nothing to work with. No hints, no nothing.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ULftNOkNXU?showinfo=0]

The Silver Mask feels like the beginning of a new era for our characters. Their previous actions had consequences and now they need to live with them. Our friend group has been splintered (maybe for good?) and Cal is on his own with no contact to anyone who could help him.

In the first three books, Cal’s origin story flirted with darkness. In the first three books Cal desperately wanted to be the hero of his own narrative, but the hero role never exactly fit him. Now we see him at a point of no return. Whatever his decision is, it will completely change the course of the story.

Will Cal fully embrace the role that everyone expects of him? I honestly have no idea. None of my predictions for this series have been anywhere near correct. And honestly, that’s probably what excites me the most about these books. Black and Clare have proved that they’re masters at building up to a reveal that seems shocking at first but upon looking back you can see the path that led you to it.

The Silver Mask is the second las book in this series and I can’t wait to see how it sets up for the finale. I expect we’ll get more questions before we get all the answers. But I can hardly wait.

What are your theories for this series? Do you think Cal will go full villain? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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