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Avengers Assemble

Alexandra and Chelsey try to figure out the Infinity Stones and Marvel continuity based off of the movies that they've seen. Seriously, they should go and read some comic books.

Becoming Star Lord – Building the Mask

I’m really late to the boat on posting this… But here goes nothing. My original plans for a Halloween costume fell through, so I needed to whip something up face. But, I can never do anyth...[Read More]

Becoming Bucky: How I Built My Arm

I really wanted to cosplay the Winter Soldier. Like really wanted to. So the week before Con Bravo, I challenged myself to build an arm. And it went surprisingly well. So How I Did It: Sadly I didn...[Read More]

Thor 2 Review in One Picture

Thor 2  Review I loved  Thor 2. Was it deep? No. But it was hilarious, and Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth’s chemistry lit up the screen. The end of the movies can be summed up in one picture...[Read More]

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