First Trailer for Crimson Peak

I have been waiting my entire life for this trailer.

If you haven’t been able to tell Guillermo del Toro is one of my favourite directors ever (just look at our obsessive coverage of The Strain Season One). When del Toro said that he was going to be making a haunted house film, well it was all I ever wanted.

So let’s break down this trailer…

First off, and I know I’m going to be saying this a lot. Guillermo del Toro really knows how to use his colour. Like look at that, it’s beautiful. It reminds me off the film Spirit of the Beehive, all the warm yellows. He wants us to trust Tom Hiddleston. Because, come on, he’s harmless… he’s safe. He totally doesn’t have a creepy house that’s probably going to traumatize you. Look at him, he’s so nervous and shy….

Yes, give in! Trust the handsome stranger! I just really love this shot for some reason….

Oh wow, that’s beautiful. I told you he’d have a creepy house! The house has a Gothic Fairy Tale mashup that I’m really liking. The house feels grand but decaying. As pretty as it is I don’t think you could pay me to spend the night here.

In his interview with Screen Rant del Toro talks about how:

The house is another character in the film. The house almost asphyxiates the characters. The characters get suffocated by the house and it frames them quite literally…

That’s not really scary. In the same video, del Toro shows some of the little hidden touches to the house’s interior decorating, I personally love that the word “fear” is hidden in the wallpaper pattern.

Del Toro’s films tend to be steeped in atmosphere. It’s going to be cool to see him taking on the Gothic Romance genre.

So it appears that Edith’s new husband has a sister living with him. This is in no way creepy when you think about it. Right? Right? I mean he’s just a good guy looking out for his unmarried sister like what was expected of him during those times… right?

Props again on the costume department. Her dress is amazing.

Is it just me OR DOES SHE HAVE GHOST HANDS? ARE THOSE GHOST HANDS? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? It’s either that or it’s a ghost wearing her dress, because we don’t see her face.

But it’s okay now, we’re back to the cute newly wedded couple and awwww look at how he’s looking at her. Edith’s dress harkens back to the yellow tint of the previous cute scenes… cleverly done.

But it seems like Tom Hiddleston is having moments with everyone. The look on his sister’s face is a clear expression of you’ve got some explaining to do. These two have secrets. I wonder what they are. I don’t want to have to wait till October to find them out.

We’ve moved into dark tones now. The blues and greys are totally at odds against the yellows and oranges from the previous shots. Your eye is drawn to the light in the window. Is it a safe space? I wonder? This makes me think of the opening shot of Citizen Kane, I wonder if that’s intentional.

Another gorgeous shot. The Sister continues to be the most interesting character in this trailer.

We appear to be at a funeral now. Edith’s pretty pale, her natural glow is gone. I wonder if she’s seen something by this point or if her relationship to the possible deceased was close.


Moving on.

That statue is very del Toro-ey, the style reminds me of the Angel of Death in Hellboy 2 and the general art style in Pan’s Labyrinth.

And our trailer ends with Edith, angelic but terrified looking directly at the camera.

So that was the first trailer for Crimson Peak. I’m way too excited for this. What are your thoughts and theories about this movie? Tell me in the comments!

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