Crystal Storm Review

Crystal Storm brings all our heroes and villains together in one spot and sets the stage for the final novel. Will our heroes win in the battle for...

7 Good

Frozen Tides Review

Chelsey and Alexandra talk about Frozen Tides, the fourth book in the Falling Kingdoms Series. Chelsey makes some valid points and Alexandra makes Wookie noises. In other words, it's a Christmas mirac...[Read More]

6.2 Fair

A Book of Spirits and Thieves

A Book of Spirits and Thieves doesn't have the same addictive quality as the later books in Morgan Rhodes' Falling Kingdom Series. The plots don't mess, the characters aren't super likeable and overal...[Read More]

4.4 Poor

Gathering Darkness Review

The Falling Kingdoms Series is back with all the backstabbing and kissing that you’ve come to love! Morgan Rhodes continues to take us for a ride as we sit and wonder who will save the Kingdoms?

7 Good

Falling Kingdoms Review

Welcome to the world of Mytica where everyone is attractive and horrible things happen.

6.8 Fair

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