Surviving The Room

The Disaster Artist - A Review

The Disaster Artist was difficult to get through. Not because it wasn’t interesting, or well written. No, The Disaster Artist is an in depth look into the mind of an eccentric man. This book recounts the story of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau’s friendship from their original meeting to the premiere of The Room.

The Room is a film that cannot be summed up in words. It’s more than a film. It’s an experience, but I’ll try. Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) lives the perfect life but that all changes when his girlfriend Lisa starts cheating on him with his best friend Mark. The story is simple yes, but it’s everything else about The Room that makes it memorable. The performances, the low budget filmmaking, the hokey dialogue are all entertaining but it is the performance of Tommy Wiseau that is the life blood of this film. You must watch this movie. The Room has gained a cultish following with monthly screenings at different theatres around Canada and the United States. Go to a screening, lose yourself in the crazy. I also recommend you check out the review that the Nostalgia Critic did a few years ago.

Disaster Artist bounces between being laugh out loud funny and uncomfortable. Sestero balances the tale of filming The Room with his attempts to make his way in Hollywood. The majority of the book reads like Sestero trying to apologize and explain why he did what he did. The book may be a memoir, but the true centre of the book is Wiseau. Sestero doesn’t know his age, where he came from and how Wiseau seemed to have amassed such a large fortune that he is able to fund The Room. The friendship he paints is unhealthy. Wiseau grows controlling and creepier as Sestero enjoys his small victories. But, Sestero constantly explains to the reader, Wiseau wasn’t always like this. They were actually friends once. All of the habits that Sestero comes to see as creepy, he once saw as charming.

This book definitely has caused me to look at the film differently. Watching certain scenes of the film while knowing what was going on between takes crash lands the film into a sobering reality of unhappiness. The Room for Wiseau is a labour of love, a dream that no one would let him accomplish.

For fans of The Room, I highly recommend picking this book up. Ever wondered what the origin story of the ever so famous “hows your sex life?” Ever wondered what the cast and crew were thinking when Johnny gets it on with Lisa’s sex red dress? Well this book is packed with facts and stories from set. Even if you’ve never seen The Room, I recommend you check this one out. It’s funny, it’s an easy read and the story is just so ridiculous you just can’t look away.

The Disaster Artist goes from being laugh out loud funny to uncomfortably creepy. If you're a fan of The Room or even bad movies in general than this is the book for you.
  • Hilarious
  • Interest interesting stories
  • Never feels mean spirited
  • Great behind the scenes information
Plot - 9
Characters - 7
Setting - 7
Writing Style - 9
Enjoyability - 10
Art - 9
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Alexandra is always looking for the next book she can devour. She has a love hate relationship with teen fiction specifically when it comes to fantasy, post apocalyptic and failed shakespeare adaptations.

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