Best Covers of 2013

They always tell you never judge a book by it’s cover. Sometimes that’s a lot harder than you think. There’s nothing like an awesome eye catching cover to cause me to zone in on my next read. So here are my top favourite covers I’ve come across in 2013 listened in alphabetical order and why I just adore them.

The Bone Season

I saw this book and immediately bought it. There was just something so appealing about it. Honestly it might have been the sparkles. This cover manages to be both fresh and harken back to old school fantasy covers. This book is sitting in my to read pile and I’m really interested to see how the cover relates to the story. I like the clock motif and I wonder if there is a specific reason that the number six is repeated twice.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

What is there not to say about this book. If you’re interested in it’s contents check out our review. The cover is eye catching but I loved it even more after I read the novel. Teen vampire fiction often falls into the trap of having hauntingly good looking people glaring up at you with mournful eyes. Instead this book’s title is printed on someone’s hand. Is it a tattoo? An Infection? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Creeps

The cover art for all of John Connolly’s fantasy novels and short stories follows a similar theme. I love this cover because there is so much going on in it. What first appears to be a simple pattern shows hidden monsters, falling skeletons and cartoonish houses. The title of the book appears to be printed on a large shadowy demon. What more could a girl ask for?

The Mad Man’s Daughter


It is very rare that my eye is drawn to the “sad girl on cover” trope, but there is something different about this cover. I think it’s how the cover appears to be painted instead of a photograph. This cover screams period piece and I dig that.

Paper Valentine

Brenna Yovanoff tends to have visually interesting covers. We’ll just pretend that the new cover for The Replacements doesn’t exist. I like this cover because it feels very fairy tale-esque. Clearly I have a thing for patterns.


Parasite is not technically a teen fiction book and instead falls into the “new adult fiction” category, but this cover is just too clever not to be included. In a book where everyone ingests pills to give them their own personal tapeworm it totally males sense for the cover to be said pack of pills. Is one of the pills missing because it’s your pack? Did you take the pill before you read the book and now you’re going to regret it? One could speculate about this cover for hours. Check out Read’s quick spoiler review on Parasite here.

Honourable Mention: Asylum

This cover is just creepy. It reminded me of an old episode of Supernatural where Sam and Dean find themselves trapped in old haunted insane asylum and some of the ghost’s faces would vibrate quickly making them unrecognizable. There is something uncomfortable of not being able to see someone’s face, don’t you agree? This cover has a sense of decay to it, with it’s use of black, white and green. I’m definitely going to have to check it out

Honourable Mention: Fangirl

This cover is just adorable. I love how the two characters have been incorporated into the title. The only reason this didn’t make the actual list is the colour. There is something a little bit off putting about the mixture of the green and the red.

So there you have it! My favourite covers of 2013! What were yours?

Here’s looking forward to a New Year full of many new books to ogle and pine over!



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Alexandra is always looking for the next book she can devour. She has a love hate relationship with teen fiction specifically when it comes to fantasy, post apocalyptic and failed shakespeare adaptations.

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