Is Anybody Listening?

Five years ago today I was filming a musical.

I was taking an extra year of high school (something you used to have an option to do in Toronto) to put off going to university for another year. My fifth year of high school was a joke in all honesty. I took fluff classes and spent the most of my time working on personal projects and my part-time job.

For my final project for my film class I could do anything… so because I had too much free time on my hands I decided that I wanted to film a musical. I got my friends together and pitched it to them and too my surprise and delight they all agreed.

And thus Anybody Listening was born.


This project was a labour of love on all our parts. Chelsey and our friend Dani worked on the choreography, everyone had to dance… even me.

It’s kind of interesting, or at least for me, to see how far I’ve come with filming and editing. It’s not really noticeable in the episodes I edit for this site since we have a fairly standard set up with an unmoving camera. Anybody Listening is no where near perfect, but I look back on it with fondness. It was a fun ride.

But the sad thing is that we’ve never finished it. Perhaps one day.

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