Top 5 Movies of 2015


This is our Top Five Movies of 2015, before Star Wars comes out. We’re hoping that we’re going to go and see Star Wars and fall in love with it, but like everyone we’re skeptical. We’ve had our hearts broken before. Many times.

Both Chelsey and I saw a lot of movies in 2015 and wanted to talk about our favourites. This list isn’t based solely off of technical or achievements in story telling, they’re just the movies that made us the happiest or stuck with us after we saw them.



Marvel attempts a heist movie and it works! Ant Man never takes itself too seriously and feels like a return to the likes of the first Iron Man. Ant Man showcases that not all super hero movies have to be super dark and serious. The film relies on the chemistry between it’s actors and some silly (yet fun gags). If you haven’t seen Ant Man because you were a little bit hesitant because well, Ant Man, don’t worry. Go and see it, it’s worth your time and it’ll be fun to see him interacting with the rest of the Avengers in Civil War.


This movie came out of no where. Kingsmen advertised itself as a quirky comedy that was self aware of its genre. These kinds of films are nothing knew. In the last decade there have been a rash of films that poke fun at certain genres (think Scary Movie and Kick Ass). Kingsmen is a fun movie that has a bone to pick with other spy flicks, yet its coming at them from a place of love. If you want to get a good feel for the film check out the honest trailer by Screen Junkies.

Top 5 Movies of 2015

5. Inside Out

Pixar has managed to make us feel many things over the years, I still can’t watch Up! without crying during the first ten minutes. It was only a matter of time before they skipped everything else and made a movie about feelings. Inside Out managed to take the complex concepts of emotions and make them understandable for everyone. The story was clever and the characters were fun. Not to mention that the colours in the film were so bright it was a pleasure to look at.

4. The Martian

Matt Damon was born to play Mark Whatney. The film did a great job of bring Mark Whatney’s humour to the screen. It was so nice to see what Mark was talking about, instead of just listening to him recount it in the book. The Martian was a big budget science fiction film that was focused on the good of humanity. Instead of some epic awful event, we get to see people coming together and opposing all odds to save one person. It’s a story of hope that we both appreciate. Also the fact that we have a movie where Sean Bean doesn’t die and also explains the Council of Elrond is just beautiful. But we’re not biased. Check out our review about the book here.

He was there after all…

3. Crimson Peak

Both Chelsey and I love Guillermo del Toro, and we knew we were going to see this film even if it was going to give us nightmares for weeks. Beautifully shot and crafted, Crimson Peak is del Toro’s return to genre fiction. It’s a Gothic romance steeped in atmosphere and a throw back to when horror film wasn’t just about found footage. The performances were all solid, but everyone stood in the shadow of Jessica Chastain who stole the entire film. If this film doesn’t get an Oscar for cinematography or costuming then there is no justice in the film world. Check out our vlog review of Crimson Peak here and Alexandra’s blog post here.

EDIT: There is no justice in the film world.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road

This has been a year of crazy cinematography. Originally I had no intention of seeing Mad Max, but as the reviews came out and the controversy began I found myself giving in and going to see the film in theatres. I regret nothing. Mad Max has an insane scope. Amazing desert vistas, practical effects, clever editing. Watching this movie has made us realize just how much we love action movies. There are ways to revitalize a genre that has been seen as stale and cliche for a long time. Also, we recommend screaming To Valhalla, Shiny and chrome when you’re setting off on an adventure. Just saying.

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

I’m not exactly sure why this film beat out Mad Max for me. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. had everything I love in a movie. Awesome chemistry between the actors, clever dialogue, clever cutting and amazing pacing. Overall it was a film that looked great, had wicked cool style and was just a joy to watch. The only thing we can ask for is a sequel. Here’s hoping.

So there you have it, our top five favourite films of 2015. What movies did you love this year? Tell us about them in the comments and here’s hoping 2016 is full of some new great movies!

Chelsey and Alexandra have been posting book reviews by text or video for over 5 years now. When they're not reading and writing reviews they usually have a fantasy project in queue that they're working on. You can also catch them around town at cons and expos once or twice a year.

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