The Strain Vlogs #2.3: Fort Defiance


Welcome back to the Strain where everything is made up and the worms don’t matter… Not really but whatever.

Remember our vlogs are full of spoilers, so don’t watch if you haven’t watched the episode, or do. It’s your life.

– Alexandra liked this episode more. Chelsey not so much
– Chelsey still can’t get over the swimming pool scene from last week
– Norah and Eph continue to make a vampire virus
– Zack continues to make poor life choices
– Zack and his specific camera angles
– The Opening. Huh… gotta love that Goth Rocker and the worm dirt
– So Abe is 94… he’s older than Aragorn
– Nora and Abe have a pretty sweet relationship
– The Rat Catcher is the King of No Judgement.
– Kesha is carrying a lot of guilt
– The Lady politician is doing EXACTLY what she said she was going to do.
– The different forms of survival
– Gus is training to be a vampire slayer.
– How to fight a vampire in hand to hand combat
– Worm infection only happens when it’s vital to the plot
– Eldritch’s new assistant’s bad person radar is not as good as she seems to think it is.
– Eph finally flips on Zack and teaches him a much needed vampire lesson
– And this is how Ant Man happens.

Chelsey and Alexandra have been posting book reviews by text or video for over 5 years now. When they're not reading and writing reviews they usually have a fantasy project in queue that they're working on. You can also catch them around town at cons and expos once or twice a year.

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