Poison Review

Poison has everything you could ever want in a novel: a strong protagonist, interesting side character and a clever plot. This is a book that we keep coming back to.

What made Poison stand out to us originally was the lack of romance. In YA fantasy (and even adult fantasy) there is this unwritten rule that the protagonist must get hitched by the end of the novel. Whether this be because they’re the rightful heir to the throne or that there is an annoying character in their party which they share an ungodly amount of forced sexual tension with, it has to happen.

In Poison, our protagonist is too busy to stop and think about whats expected of her. Her only focus is to save the sister that the phaeries stole from her.

Poison is a dark faerie tale, not only because of the horrors that Poison must face on her way to rescue her sister, but on the conditions that the characters live in. In this world, humanity is the lowest member of the food chain. Anything and everything is out to eat them. Their living conditions are wretched and life is just generally unpleasant. But even with such a miserable existence, there is hope.

If you love fantasy quests and faerie tales, then check out this book. You will not be disappointed.

  • Strong heroine
  • Meta
  • Creepy setting
  • Twist ending
  • Somewhat open ended conclusion
Plot - 10
Characters - 9
Setting - 8
Writing Style - 10
Enjoyability - 10
Chelsey and Alexandra have been posting book reviews by text or video for over 5 years now. When they're not reading and writing reviews they usually have a fantasy project in queue that they're working on. You can also catch them around town at cons and expos once or twice a year.

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